Online Therapy Guidelines

1. Online Sessions’ Platforms:

  • Online sessions will be conducted on Skype.
  • My Skype name is joyce_chedid.
  • In case you do not have a Skype account and you prefer another method of communication, the following other options are available: WhatsApp video call and Facetime (for IPhone users).
  • 2. Therapy & Session Format:

  • You need to be 18 years old and above
  • Therapy can be conducted in either English or Arabic
  • Each session is 50 minutes
  • Fee per each 50 minutes session is 100USD
  • Online therapy available regardless of location
  • I will call you at the time of our appointment. If you do not answer, I will wait until you tell me that you are ready to begin and I’ll call you again.
  • 3. Getting In Touch:

  • Outside of session hours I am be available for emergencies, you can reach me on +9613383153 (for WhatsApp calls and messages only) or on +6285333754017 (for regular calls and messages only).
  • You can also reach me by email: [email protected]
  • Please note that the time zone in which I’m located is Central Indonesia (Bali) GMT +8
  • 4. Payment Methods:

  • Depending on your location, preference, and currency, you may choose one of the following methods to pay your fees:
    1. Bank in Lebanon:
      You can pay in USD either through a bank deposit by going to any Bank Byblos branch (no charges apply) or bank transfer (charges apply & need to be covered by you)
      • Bank name:Byblos Bank
      • Address: Elyssar, Bikfaya Main Road, Byblos Bank Building, Lebanon
      • Account number: 3403254254005
      • IBAN number: LB19003900000003403254254005
      • Swift code: BYBALBBX
      • Name: Joyce Chedid
    2. Bank in Indonesia:
      You can pay in IDR, USD, GBP, or EUR through a bank transfer (charges apply and need to be covered by you).
      • Bank Name: Permata Bank
      • Address: Permata Bank, Sunset Road, Jalan Sunset Road no.225x, Block 6-7D, Kuta, Badung Indonesia
      • Account Number: 0041-1983-8709
      • Swift Code: BBBAIDJA
      • Name: Joyce Chedid

    Please Note:

  • Whenever paying in a currency other than USD, you will need to make sure that the fees are equivalent to the current exchange rates, and the total received by me amounts to the full fees.
  • You need to cover all bank charges including those made by my bank. The amount I receive needs to be the net sum of the fees.
  • 5. Payments’ Due Dates:

  • For the first session, you will need to make the payment at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If the payment is not received then the appointment will be cancelled.
  • For all following sessions you can choose to pay weekly or monthly. We will discuss the particular arrangements during our first session.